Wicked Wire - Barbed Wire Pinstripe

If you are searching for a stripe different than others wire stripes on the market look no further. This stripe is amazing!! I have installed this stripe on hundreds of vehicles and customers are extremely happy. This stripe is printed on clear and die-cut around all the barbs for a real look design. This stripe shows up on both light and dark vehicle colors.


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Our high-quality barb wire stripe tape is the most popular available on the market today!

  • 1" wide x 98" strips, featuring a 4-color screen printed design.

ATE1102 - 2 strip kit - Pewter / Magnesium / Dk. Titanium / Black
ATE1104 - 4 strip kit - Pewter / Magnesium / Dk. Titanium / Black

Note** - We recommend measuring one side of your vehicle to determine the length of stripe you need. A 2 piece wicked wire kit consists of (2) 8-foot pieces.
Example: If the vehicle is approx 14 feet in length on one side, you would need a 4 piece kit. This gives you a total of 16 feet of stripe per side.

barb wire pinstripe

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