2 Color Pinstripe Tape

We are professional installers with over 20+ years of striping vehicles from dealerships to body shops around the country.  We now distribute the largest selection of 2 color stripe tapes.  We've chosen TFX brand for multiple reasons but simply the pressure-sensitive adhesive allowed for our installers to easily maneuver and contour without much hassle.  This is our most recent selection of multi-color vinyl stripe tapes 3 different sizes to choose.

3/16" 2 Color | 4/16" 2 Color | 1/2" 2 Color

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

Why use 2 Color Pinstripe Tape?

Why use two-color pinstripe tape? We sell a lot of 2 color stripes because they work well on an array of applications.  A big segment of stripes is used on boats to break up the large fiberglass single color hull.  The 2-millimeter high-performance vinyl allows for long-lasting marine durability.  We also have sold many stripes to the aviation industry and has been known to work well on smaller and midsize planes.  Whatever your application, we are here to help and ensure you're receiving the highest quality professional 2 color stripe tapes at a wholesale price!  All stripes are Made in USA!