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Replacement Marine & Boat Striping Tape

We have over 20 years of experience replacing and renewing weather-worn boat hull pinstripes.  Years of sun and salt can damage any marine or watersport vehicle vinyl striping in just a few years' time.  Our selection of Auto Restylers Inc™ pinstripes offers an array of color choices with minimal cost to bring your boat back to life. Jump to how to remove boat stripes.

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How to remove worn pinstripe tape from boat hulls

Old dried out vinyl pinstripe can be difficult to remove at times on boat hulls.  We recommend a heat gun for most striping removal, however, if it's in such bad shape the vinyl continues to break, an eraser wheel attached to a drill can help.  The eraser wheel isn't our first choice because if done improperly could damage paint or leave a dull finish on the hull.  

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