3M Vinyl Pinstriping Tape

At Auto Restylers Inc™, we proudly manufacture our own line of 3M vinyl striping tape using Scotchcal 7125 2-Mil cast vinyl.  As professional installers, we use only the top-of-the-line vinyl striping tape and 3M is no exception.  Since we are installers, we relied on Scotchcal stripe tape but this past year, 3M decided to discontinue producing their roll tape.  This caused our team to not be able to service our existing customers.  We had to come up with solutions and decided to put our efforts into keeping 3M roll stripe tape alive.  We purchase large roll vinyl direct from 3M and cut it to size.

Does 3M still produce pinstripe tape? - Last year 3M decided to discontinue cutting the vinyl to various pinstripe sizes.  However, they are still producing the Scothcal roll material.  This has allowed us to use the same vinyl and cut to the most popular sizes and colors.

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Showing 1 - 21 of 90 items

Why Auto Restylers Inc's  3M vinyl pinstripe tape stand out?

3M manufactures their vinyl to high standards compared to some other brands on the market. They consistently meet our automotive demands with durability, quality, and warranty.  The vinyl has a long warranty and also stands up to the sun with UV protection. After the install, the strip's durability holds well against harsh weather conditions either extremely cold or hot summers.  This is why we use their 2-Mil cast vinyl series and cut our stripes to most standard sizes.  This allows us to give you the 3M material while keeping costs down and savings to our customers.

What are the best-selling 3M pinstripe tapes?