Since vinyl pinstripes have become commercially available, professional restylers have used this type of application to break up boring single color vehicles body lines without the use of paint and a steady hand of an artist.  This has allowed a very durable inexpensive solution that can be changed or removed if the owner wished. 

Tools needed for proper installation:

  • Clean soft cloth or disposable towel
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Sharp disposable Razor Blade. (preferably rectangle type)
  • Vinyl pinstripe tape

Step 1

Place the vehicle in a room temperature environment.  We recommend not striping the car in the hot sun or extreme cold.  Place the vehicle in shade or in a garage during those extreme times. 

With the rubbing alcohol and clean soft cloth, clean the body line of the vehicle where the stripe will be placed.  This removed dirt and wax so the stripe adheres better.  Older cars sometimes have more wax to clean well before applying the stripe.

Step 2

With the vinyl stripe roll in hand, place one end of the stripe overhanging the start of the bodyline.  Typically this is around the taillight or headlight, whichever end you wish to start.   Next, pull out enough stripe from the front end of the car to the rear.  Add a little extra on each end.

Step 3

Next, you'll stripe the car in half meaning, if it's a 4 door vehicle, the midpoint will be between the front and rear doors.  Now, starting from the rear taillight, pull back the wax paper from the stripe with enough length to get just past the midsection of the vehicle.  Press gently but firm enough to keep the stripe adhered to the car.   From the rear of the vehicle, pull the stripe away from the vehicle while looking at the body where you wish to place the stripe.   With the stripe in hand gently lay the stripe against the body line.  Once satisfied with the position, using your thump firmly apply the stripe to the vehicle.  Repeat this process on the front of the car. 

Step 4

Once the stripe has been firstly applied, remove the clear film on top of the stripe.  Using your razor blade, gently remove the stripe between the door jams.   Complete the process on both sides.